renata on gruodžio 31st, 2010

If you’re in this summer Spain or are about to leave surely you will have tried (or do) the banderillas, especially in this classic version: the banderillas olives and anchovies, peppers. There are different types, which combined salami, cheese, eggs or foods tasty vegetables like olives, capers, pickled onions and gherkins. This recipe that we […]

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renata on gruodžio 31st, 2010

пїЅThe chicken red Spanish is a good second dish based tomatoes and peppers. It’s called the Spanish because it draws the recipe of Spain chicken cooked with peppers. In the recipe more typically Hispanic ingredients listed in this recipe (chicken, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, parsley, wine) are in addition also of ham diced and brandy […]

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renata on gruodžio 7th, 2010

 The trout to Navarre is a second Spanish dish, very particular in juxtaposition of fish to ham, jamon serrano or better. The preparation is simple: once you cleaned trout farcirle of pieces of ham, then flour fish and then FRY in olive oil, adding fat cooked ham in boiling oil. A plate to try absolutely. […]

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 The recipe of tostada tasty comes from the Spanish tradition, being a kind bruschetta of prepared with bread toasted and covered with a tasty sauce. A great dish to serve as Spanish tapas or to a aperitif Italian nostrano. The sauce with which cover the tostada (slice of bread crispy) consists of smoked salmon, cut […]

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Sveiki, užsiregistravę Čia jūsų pirmas straipsnis, sukurtas automatiškai – tiesiog, kaip pavyzdys. Galit jį paredaguoti, ištrinti ar dar ką nors su juo padaryti. Ir žinoma, kad jau galite pildyti savo blogą tikrais, savo straipsniais!

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