pane per la tostada spagnola 
The recipe of tostada tasty comes from the Spanish tradition, being a kind bruschetta of prepared with bread toasted and covered with a tasty sauce. A great dish to serve as Spanish tapas or to a aperitif Italian nostrano. The sauce with which cover the tostada (slice of bread crispy) consists of smoked salmon, cut into strips peppers rossi mayonnaise spicy, and a little rocket. Prepare the tostada is easy and there is no need for any type of cooking. Just mix the ingredients mentioned in the recipe.
Ingredients for tostada tasty (doses for 4 people):

Cut into strips smoked salmon and peppers, washed and dried Arugula the.

Stir everything in a bowl add mayonnaise, 3 TSP of lemon and a ground pepper. Mix together well.

Toast the slices of bread in oven or toaster, and put over the mixture prepared.

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