The carrots and olives thyme is a recipe for very nutrient contour of vegetables and fresh, suitable for the summer season. This recipe belongs to Spanish cuisine, characterised by the use of olives in many preparations. The steps to prepare it are three: scrape and cut carrots washers, Cook for a few minutes in the Pan and add chopped garlic, olives sliced together with thyme leaves almonds and shelled and roasted in a pan. The dish that you will bring to the table will be very colorful and also very lightweight and rich vitamin C and carotene to prepare for the summer Tan.
Ingredients for carrots, and olives thyme (doses for 4-6 persons):

500 g carrots of (better tidings) 20 green olives snocciolate1 tablespoon almonds sgusciate2 tablespoons olio1 aglioFoglie clove of timoSale q.b.pepe q.s.

Peel the carrots under running water, Pat dry and cut them to washers.

Then heat the oil in a frying pan. Ask yourself the carrots and let them cook for ten minutes until they are soft but they will have lost their consistency.

Salted, add the garlic clove peeled and finely chopped, and sliced olives. Pepper and stir.

Continue cooking for another 5 minutes, then pour the carrots in a bowl. Add toasted almonds you in a warm and slightly then coarsely chopped, the timo leaves coarsely chopped.

Photos from micuadernodecocina.blogspot.com

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