banderillas spagnole per tapas

If you’re in this summer Spain or are about to leave surely you will have tried (or do) the banderillas, especially in this classic version: the banderillas olives and anchovies, peppers. There are different types, which combined salami, cheese, eggs or foods tasty vegetables like olives, capers, pickled onions and gherkins. This recipe that we propose is easy precisely and safely scenic effect, especially if presented well at the table. It is tapas special a, quick to prepare and also economic. The main ingredients are listed in the recipe name typical Spanish cuisine.
Ingredients for the banderillas olives, peppers and anchovies (doses for 4 people):

Rinse under running water salted anchovies, dividing into fillets.

Cut the peppers into strips and washers gherkins.

Infilzate on each stuzzicandente (8 in all) a oliva, a listarella of peppers rolled in on itself, a cucumber washer, spring onion, a fillet of anchovy cuff and a couple capers of.

The banderillas Served infilzando the toothpick in a lemon or lying on a serving dish.

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