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If you have programmed a Spain vacation, even a long weekend, we suggest what to eat and what to try absolutely. If you think you have the Spanish paella and sangria there wrong big: it’s like saying that Italians eat only spaghetti and mozzarella. Spanish cuisine is very varied: meat and fish, but also many vegetables and good drinks. Is a Mediterranean cuisine Arab-influenced strongly the presence of Oriental spices and flavourings. From tapas to excellent seconds of meat and fish, cheeses up to and salami, food Spanish surprise you. Let’s find out together …

Absolutely unmissable dishes typical Spanish cuisine tapas are, a sort of appetizer appetizer or that can also serve as a complete dinner, eating at least 3 or 4. They are practically saucers of various foods, more or less articulated in preparation.

In addition to tortillas, classical to accompany a good glass of red wine or a fresh cerveza (beer) you can choose between various types of banderillas, i.e. mixed kebabs. A classic recipe is that of olives with banderillas and anchovies, peppers, or choose among the many variants of tostada, a bruschetta as tasty.

The most famous tapas are Patatas bravas, potatoes accompanied by a sauce very tasty, but also olives leg fritters, which resemble olives our Ascoli olives, are unproven. To meet the need to eat vegetables we propose carrots with olives thyme.

Don’t overlook to order some tapas with jamon serrano or cheese, perhaps together with Spiced bread like the one with pistachios and saffron.

Sangria naturally is a must to accompany the dishes: instead of the classic ask some variant, as the sangria rose or that the berries.

If instead you decide to opt for the complete menu began with a gazpacho, or dare with the white version of the classic cold soup of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and peppers, or the ajoblanco (I’ll leave you to discover the secret!).

In every region of Spain you will find a paella variant, popular Spanish national dish. They say that the original valenciana lies, but each offers her as the first. We propose you a paella recipe for Dietetics, leave some space for second courses.

For the second plate choose if meat or fish: the recipe of marmitako will surprise you for the special fish used to prepare it, while the Basque chicken or fillet to Cabrales will lick moustache.

For the sweet conclusion is mandatory: If you treat eating churros, also accompanied by chocolate, brazo de gitano is a refreshing delight of sponge cake with cream and fruit. A classic that never sets!

tomato vegetable soup recipe

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