ricetta spagnola per tapas di cetrioli ripieniпїЅ
The cucumbers stuffed (Spanish pepinos rellenos) are a good recipe for tapas, i.e. one of the small very varied dishes that in Spain are accompanied with a nice glass of wine or „cerveza“. We proposed some time ago a recipe of cucumbers stuffed with cheese, but very different from what we suggest today, celery, yellow peppers, capers and anchovies with adding Manchego cheese semicurado, which is a medium mature sheep cheese from La Mancha zone. In the absence of this cheese use one locally. Are an excellent appetizer or aperitif dish for summer evenings, also very nice and colorful to bring to the table.
Ingredients for cucumbers stuffed (ingredients for 6 people):


Cucumbers, peeled and cut in half lengthwise. Svuotateli with a teaspoon from seeds and pulp. Cospargeteli salt and leave them for about half an hour to lose the vegetation water.

The celery Clean and sminuzzatelo. Then clean the peppers, cut lapped by removing the seeds. Washed flaps and cut them into very small pieces.

In a bowl mix the chopped vegetables, diced cheese, capers dissalati and crushed with anchovy fillets. Seasoned with olive oil and salt and stir.

Dry cucumbers and farciteli with compost. Leave them in the refrigerator covered film paper for an hour before serving.

Photos from www.ingegnoli.it

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