trota alla navarra 
The trout to Navarre is a second Spanish dish, very particular in juxtaposition of fish to ham, jamon serrano or better. The preparation is simple: once you cleaned trout farcirle of pieces of ham, then flour fish and then FRY in olive oil, adding fat cooked ham in boiling oil. A plate to try absolutely. It is recommended trout serve these associated with steamed potatoes or a rich salad with tomatoes, carrots and Arugula.
Ingredients for trout to Navarre (doses for 4 people):

Clean evisceratele and trout, and regular upkeep spinatele, under running water.

Stuffed trout with ham, diced or strips, close the trout and core sprinkle lemon.

Infarinatele, salatele friggetele in hot oil and turning occasionally. Almost at the end of cooking add the bacon ham cut into chunks, then serve.

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