Today we offer the recipe of gazpacho white, an original version of gazpacho, the classic cold soup Spanish cuisine. This recipe is preparing onions with celery and instead of peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers as in traditional recipe. The preparation is simple: Peel and clean onions and celery, chopped before reduce them and frullarli along with oil, vinegar and water. Important caution is recommended for the treatment of the onion: leave it to stand for at least an hour in water before frullarla: this will delete the bitter flavour and too strong. Obviously the gazpacho white serve cold refrigerator, even with some ice cube.
Ingredients for the gazpacho white (doses for 4 people):

300 g cipolle200 g celery bianco100 ml oil oliva50 ml vinegar biancoSalePepeSemi of cuminoErba cipollina

The celery Clean, lavatelo eliminating filaments and cut into pieces. Peel the onions, leave them for about an hour in water, then affettatele subtly.

Put celery and onions in a blender, adding oil, vinegar and 1-2 glasses of water. Blend until well-mixed.

Complete with salt, pepper, cumin seeds and some chives tagliuzzata.

Leave in the refrigerator before serving with ice cubes.

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